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Self-Confidence is NOT Self-Esteem!

Can you be confident but still have low self-esteem? Yes! What is self-confidence? Self-confidence comes from the trust you have in yourself. In other words, self-confidence is experience. The more experience you have, the more confidence you will have in being able to accomplish a certain task. This is easy...


Children and Racism

Growing up as a person of color and as a minority in the United States, I have faced my share of racism. Let me start there, so that I can qualify myself as someone who has given extensive thought about race relations in America and as someone who has actually...

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12 Tips to Build Your Child’s Self Esteem

I attended a new parent seminar.  The presenter was a child psychologist who also had an extensive experience working as a guidance counselor in the public school system. There, I learned that as a parent, raising your children with high self esteem should be one of the top priorities. A...